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JailMail.se consists of a digital creator and an illustrator who together create specially designed postcards with different motifs. Our cards contain motifs originating from the prison world but also other motifs suitable for family and friends who have a friend or family member who is in prison.. There are many postcard sites that offer the customer to directly fill in their text online and then the postcard is sent directly to inmates. We believe that it is more charming and personal to put your own message on the postcard with your own text.


Our policy is to design postcards that can delight inmates, their families and friends around the world. Our postcards can have a raw but heartfelt and serious appearance and some motifs with humor. We strive to keep a low profile and not encourage either drugs, violence or other types of illegal appearance in our products.


Our vision is to highlight the "red thread" in our products' design, a combination of the serious and humorous undertones found in our cards. Our goal is to be able to reach out with our products to the rest of the Nordic countries and other parts of the world. Please keep yourself updated about what is happening on our homepage, Facebook page or our Instagram account.